Sunday, February 24, 2013

Top 5 Reasons Vine App is Here to Stay

What Sets Twitter’s Vine App Apart?

  1. Videos are limited to a mere 6 seconds. Think about how silly Twitter would be if they changed the character limit to 300 words. Forget it! Short and sweet is key.
  2. They loop. This can make for some pretty hilarious and highly creative posts.
  3. Stop motion animation is an inherent part of creating posts with Vine. You simply tap and hold on the screen to capture multiple video snippets that make up your 6-second post. It’s a bummer you can’t undo snippets as you go but I suspect this is in the works for a future release. I’d also love to see the ability to preset intervals across the 6 seconds.
  4. It’s easier to use and currently free of bells and whistles like visual filters, tilt-shift, graphics, music, etc.
  5. It taps the power of Twitter. In fact Vine was founded in June of 2012 and acquired by Twitter 4 months later.
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