Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I have products I'd like to move out at a profit, but hate to sell.

A different concept:

For $100 and an hour of your time, I will do a one hour video chat with you an teach you how to sell your  The biggest webstore on the planet!  I'll teach you to maximize their offerings and help you to maximize your profits while selling on their site. sells your products, collects the money from the customers, tells you where to ship it, and then pays you the check at the end of the month.  As long as you take good care of the customers by shipping high quality products in a timely manner, you'll never even have to deal with the customers except on a vary rare basis.

Once you make your payment for $100.00, I will immediately send you my ebook titled:
How to maximize your profits by selling your products on

This is a step by step guide of what I'll be teaching you in our video chat. It will also give you detailed instructions on how to prepare your products for sale on Amazon, how to write your listings to gain maximum customers and how to price your products so they'll sell quickly for maximum profit.
We will then set-up a video chat at a time convenient for you where I will guide you through the main points of the ebook and help you get started together.  I'll be with you as you get started and give you the ability to ask any questions live in real time.

Note: The above is a rough draft of a concept I'm developing.

If you have any ideas, questions, feedback, or partnership inquiries, email me at


Todd Swank

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