Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Have an Idea for a Mobile App, but Don't Know How to Create and Publish it?

I'm working on a new business concept as follows:

Mobile Applications are exploding on smart phones, tablet computers, and other brand new, portable devices.  Everybody is talking about their favorite Apps and I know several people even making money by selling their own apps.  I have a great idea for a mobile application, but I don't have the first idea where to look for help.

If this is you, then look no further.

I can help you.  For $100.00 and an hour of your time, I will do a one on one online video chat with you and will teach you how to easily create your own mobile application for free.  I will then teach you how to get that app published.  I will also show you how you can turn around and use that application to create a new income stream for you and your family.

Once you make your payment for $100.00, I will immediately send you my ebook titled: 

Steps to Getting Your App Idea Created and Published

This is a step by step guide of what I'll be teaching you in our video chat.  It will also give you detailed instructions on how to create an app, where to get it published, and some ideas to help you market your apps through various social networking sites.

Note:  The above is a rough draft of a concept I'm developing.

If you have any ideas, questions, feedback, or partnership inquiries, email me at


Todd Swank

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