Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Virtual Encounters

Here's a concept I'm developing:

There's a bar with lots of private rooms and no doors.  People walk from room to room which have names of different countries like Germany, Japan, and Australia.  In each of these rooms are large state of the art LCD screens set up for live video chats with people from all over the planet.  The goal is to set up interesting Virtual Encounters with intriguing strangers from different cultures.  

This is a club where people come to have fun with their friends and while mingling with exotic new aquaintances from all around the world.   It's like ChatRoulette at the local Dance Club (minus all the weiners).  

Once you get past the private rooms, you'll find a large auditorium and a stage where performers from around the world entertain the live audience with concerts, comedy acts, and inspirational readings.  
Of course, the performers aren't actually there but instead are projected on a large, interactive theater screen.  They could be performing anywhere, but their act is targeted at the live audience of this club, even though it may be 2000 miles away.

The business doesn't require a tremendous amount of revenue to be profitable.  Revenue is generated by cover charges and beverage sales to the patrons who come to this club to experience unique Virtual Encounters.

We compensate entertainers at below market rates because they don't have to physically travel to the location to entertain a live audience.

We focus on bringing the audience only the best quality, unique performers we can find from around the world.  We audition talent every night and the performers who receive the most votes during the week get to perform over the weekend for bigger paydays.  Each act is projected on a large video wall that provides an incredibly immersive experience for the live audience.

Once the initial site gains popularity, there are potential growth areas by franchising the club concept to other towns and cities.  There are also growth opportunities building the website where the virtual talent shows are conducted.

What do you think of this business idea?


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